Most Poisonous Spiders in the World: Facts and Symptoms

This article gives a  list of the 10 most poisonous spiders found on earth. A bite of any following spiders can lead to even deaths. The shy and peaceful creature hiding behind your clock is harmless unless provoked. Move down to know the most poisonous spiders found in the world and the damages done by them to humans.

1) Brazilian Wandering Spider

most poisonous spiders on earth

It is also known as Banana or Armed Spiders and belong to the Ctenidae family of Spiders. The Guinness Book of World Records states the Brazilian Wandering Spiders as the ‘World’s Venomous Spider’. The most poisonous spider with a leg span of 5 inches is aggressive and raises its rear legs to alarm its enemies.

The bite of the most poisonous spider can cause difficulty in breathing and eventually lead to death. In men, it can cause ‘Priapism’- prolonged erection that lasts for a couple of hours and days before impotence.

2) Six-Eye Sand Spider

poisonous spiders in the world

It is a member of the Sicariidae family and a close relative to the Brown Recluse Spider (mentioned in the list). The leg span counts at 2mm and may turn aggressive when threatened. Popularly known as the 6-Eyed Crab Spider, its habitat lies in the African forest and South Asia.

There is no anti-venom for the Six Eye Sand Spider so be cautious of the most poisonous spider! A bite may cause an intravascular coagulation resulting in blood clotting, bleeding from the skin and eventually death.

3) Sydney Funnel Web Spider

most poisonous spiders in the world

Sydney Funnel Web Spider can kill a child in just 15 minutes! The dangerous insect has poisonous venomous fangs that deliver a large amount of its poison in the victim. The creature can lead to severe cases in children and elderly people.

It is quite aggressive and strikes it’s victim several times, causing serious injury and even death. The insect builds funnel webs in grasslands, crevices, thus the name originates.

4) Black Widow Spider

most poisonous spiders in the world

It is found in North America and has a strange characteristic of eating its mate after mating thus the name Black Widow Spider. The body length is measured up to 1.5 inches and has an hourglass on its abdomen.

If it bites, the victim may have severe muscle spasms and cerebral paralysis and can cause death in children and older people.

5) Redback Spider

most poisonous spiders

The body length is recorded at 0.16 inches with the male being comparatively smaller than female. The name can be defined by a red stripe located on its back. Respiratory failures, seizures, and coma are some of the symptoms of the most poisonous spider.

6) Brown and Chilean Recluse Spider

brown recluse spider

Brown Recluse Spider

most poisonous spiders

Chilean Spider

The Brown Recluse and Chilean spider are harmless creatures but if bitten, they can surely take your life. The small fangs of one of the most poisonous spider can lead to severe adversities like tissue destruction, kidney failures, and gangrene. It lives in North America and Chile. Death can be caused even after taking anti-venom.

It lives in North America and Chile. Death can be caused even after taking anti-venom.

7) Mouse Spider

most poisonous spiders with venom

The spider has small mice like features and moves quickly like a mouse. Residing in Australia and North Zealand, it is black or blue in color while the male has a bright red mark near the eyes. A huge spider was found in Australia. Read about it!

The symptoms of the mouse spider bite are similar to that of the Sydney Funnel Web Spider. It is less aggressive than the Funnel Web spider and ends up giving ‘Dry Bites’.

8) Chinese Bird Tarantula

Chinese tarantula spider

Don’t get wrong! The spider doesn’t eat birds but fed on insects. The insect is highly aggressive and poisonous. It can cause nerve damage which may hinder one’s movement leading to death. Regarded as the most poisonous spiders, it resides in the rainforest of China and Vietnam.

9) Fringed Ornamental Spider

most poisonous spiders

The 10-inch spider lives in the eastern and western ghats of India. It uses its venom to paralyze their prey and if the prey tends to become a human, it may leave the person in coma and eventually death. An adult victim may experience excruciating pain and muscle cramping.

10) Yellow Sac Spider

most poisonous spider

The YelloW Sac Spider loves staying at our homes and under logs or thick leaves. The 0.5-inch spider is found in North America and don’t weave webs like others and has a sac-like body. The yellow sac spider venom can result into

The yellow sac spider venom can result into lesion and dead skin tissues. These are one of the most poisonous spiders that eat up its own eggs.

Creepy Most Poisonous Spiders

The venom of the above most poisonous spiders may be dangerous and can be cured with proper medication. The above spiders can be aggressive until threatened. So remember, messing with a spider can even be dangerous for life.

Maintain peace with the spider, let it be at its own space eating bugs, weaving web or meditating in its webcomb. Don’t neglect a spider bite, it may be life threatening!

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