Meet the Largest Spider in the World “THE MASSIVE GOLIATH BIRDEATER”

Do you know who is the largest spider in the world?The Goliath Birdeater. This creature comes from the tarantulas family and is regarded less poisonous. The 11-inch long insect bites for self-defense and is less dangerous, its bite is known as ‘Dry Bite’.

The largest spider in the world consists of invisible tiny urticating hairs that float in the hair can cause irritation. If it reaches your mucous membranes around the eyes and mouth, it can be very serious. Underestimating a spider can be irritating!

largest spider in the world


Commonly known as the ‘Goliath Bird Eater’, the name bird eater was introduced after the tarantula family was seen eating a hummingbird. The hairy insect resides in the rainforests of South America huge enough in terms of mass and size.

Many locals in northeast South America regard these spiders as a tasty snack. A quick roast of the largest spider in the world in banana leaves, makes it taste like a smoky prawn. The left over fangs can be used as toothpicks! Let’s hop down to know more about the spider.


largest spider on earth

The spider has a leg span of 28cm i.e. 11 inches, that can cover your dining plate! The tarantula species were collected at the Rio Cavro, Venezuela in April 1965. The favorable habitat of species is at the coastal rainforests of Guyana, Surinam and the French Guiana.

The average lifespan is 15-25 years while for males it is 3-6 years. The males die as soon as it reaches maturity. Ranging from dark to light brown, the female lays 100-200 eggs that hatch in 2 months.

About the Largest Spider in the World

The Giant Goliath Birdeater spider has framed its name in the Guinness book of world records as the “World’s largest spider”. The Goliath Spider (Theraphosa Blondi), commonly found in the Amazon rainforest is a huge giant that feeds itself on birds, frogs, earthworms etc.

Belonging to the Tarantulas family, the spider is not dangerous unless it perceives a threat. The nocturnal insect produces a hissing sound by rubbing its legs, which indicates that the spider is threatened and escaping is the best option.

Dangerous or Not?

The spider is harmless to humans and its venom is not so strong, thus it cannot be regarded as dangerous. The creature is popular in the exotic pet trade, while some illegally trap insect and sell it in the black market.

Bring Home an Exotic Pet!

The arachnid class of insect can be a good pet. So,  yes! You can acquire the giant Goliath Spider as a pet, creeping freely on your wall. Watch the video to get goosebumps!

The Creepy South American Goliath Birdeater!

The largest spider in the world the ‘Goliath Birdeater’ is the bigger version of the smaller spiders residing at every corner of the house. Don’t worry! The Giant Goliath Birdeater is non-poisonous and can also be treated as a pet! Buy the largest spider in the world online.

Also, know about the most poisonous spiders inhabiting on Earth along with facts and symptoms of these dangerous bites. Hope this article has sufficient information about the mammoth Goliath Birdeater Spider!

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