Know the Largest Spider in Australia: The Giant Huntsman Spider

The largest spider in Australia the ‘Giant Huntsman Spider’ was traced in Australia in 2016. This photograph was shared more than 90,000 times on Facebook. A question pops! What makes it popular? It is the 6-foot legspan that makes it the largest spider in Australia.

largest spider in Australia

The Huntsman Spider resides at Barny and Betty’s Rescue, an animal sanctuary situated in the Brisbane Valley, Australia. The mammoth size and mass made it popular on social sites.

Many experts denied the existence of the Huntsman Spider found in Australia claiming the pictures are edited to gain unwanted popularity. The Huntsman Spider became an Internet sensation and known to be the largest spider in Australia. Below are some of the pictures of the massive Huntsman spider.

Charlotte, the Giant Huntsman Spider is discovered from Queensland, Australia. In the video below, see The massive spider patiently sits back the broom and is busy feeding on the available bugs! It is not one of the dangerous spider that you should be afraid of.

Largest Spider in Australia

Before mentioning further details take a look at the creepy image of the world’s largest spider in Australia. It is scary, isn’t it?

largest spider found in australia

The word Huntsman depicts the speed and hunting skills of the spider. It is also known as the Giant Crab Spiders due to its huge size and appearance.

Mostly found in forests and wooden shacks, the spider is named as ‘Wood Spiders’. These spiders are non-poisonous and inhabit in countries like Australia, Africa, Asia, America and the Mediterranean basin.

Huntsman spiders are normally confused with the tarantulas (a species of spider) but can be identified with the help of their legs. What makes it different? The legs are twisted in such a way that gives them a crab-like fashion.

They don’t build webs to catch their prey but hunt down their prey with venom or strong mouthparts. For a human, the bite can be painful and may result in a headache.

Characteristics of the Huntsman Spider

An average Huntsman Spider may range to 5 inches while the largest spider in Australia the ‘Giant Huntsman’  is measured up to 12 inches. This makes it the largest spider in diameter.

The males have longer legs while the females have larger bodies.The color and patterns of the largest spider found in Australia varies accordingly. They may look gray, brown or banded and have a flattened appearance to squeeze into remote areas.


The insect lives under loose bark on trees or under the rock, foliage.The huntsman spider in Australia also creeps into the houses, hiding in bathroom or car. It is not as dangerous as brown recluse spider though.

A group of spiders sitting together can be doubted as loose branches. A slight movement, you will me mesmerized to see the twigs running away from each other.


The specialty of these spiders is that like other spiders they don’t eat their mates and are highly romantic. They lay around 200 eggs in a large, oval, spun-silk sac. Some dedicated mothers even carry the sac along with them which restricts their movements.

The females protect their spiderlings till they are hatched out. It nurtures its offspring without having food for several weeks. The lifespan of the Huntsman Spider is more than 2 years.


The largest spider in Australia is harmless. Spiders are harmless creatures that won’t come your way till you try to cross their way! The Giant Huntsman Spider has already been released in their natural habitat, such unique insects are scarcely seen and speaks about the rich biodiversity.

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