Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider

Yes! You heard it right. The Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider post was shared nearly 200,000 times on famous social networking site Facebook. The creator of this fake post has clearly used his Photoshop skills to bring shivers down the spine for arachnophobes!

A 6-inch long Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider or Angolan Witch Spider was found climbing around a townhouse. The man thought it would be the maintenance people repairing the Hardiplank siding, but experienced the shock of his life as he saw the above picture in reality! Yes! The same expression you had while viewing the insane creature.

Look at the below images of the Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider and find the truth for yourself!

The smaller size of the above hyped Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider!

The wolf spider transformed into the Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider using digital fabrication.

The distance between reality and fake has been blurred. The above picture is a perfect masterpiece of advanced photo editing applications. Actually, the photo is a zoom-in image of the wolf spider which grows up to 10-35 mm.

This fake photo made online rounds several times on Facebook last year and was finally pulled off. Let’s come back into reality and know about the wolf spider and the largest spider in the world.

The Spider Menace: A Reality Check

The largest spider in the world is the Goliath Birdeater, which has a leg span of 10-12 inches. Its name is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest spider belonging to the tarantula family.

The extraordinary massive creature is found in the rainforest regions of northern South America. The hairy creature is harmless, but you can’t save yourself from its bite when threatened.

The Wolf Spider is 10-35 mm long and is known to be agile hunters with an excellent eyesight. They hunt alone and don’t spin webs. They have 8 eyes arranged in 3 pairs, which makes them sharp eye sighters and hunters. This makes them different from other spiders. In a proper habitat, the Wolf Spider may survive for 11 years.

Meet the Creator of this Photo!

The mastermind of the Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider, artist Paul Santa Maria posted the same pictures stating it to be found in Florida and the recent one in Australia. He faked news that the Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider fed upon dogs and cats. It was also said that several gunshots will be required to kill the creature.

When asked about the truth behind the photos, he said that the photos were uploaded just for fun and was removed as soon as it received 24,000 shares.

The photo is an enlarged picture of the wolf spider which grows just a few inches. This proves that the post was just plain fun and posted to attain more popularity, which it actually did!

Conclusion: Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider

The Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider image was viral on social networking sites like Reddit. Social media being the fastest and most used mode of communication, people fool around in order to gather maximum like and shares. This provokes more and more such digital fabrication to take place. Meet the king of spider. This is obviously true!

Think hard before you share!

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