Clock Spider

Clock spider is an interesting phenomenon. It was term coined accidentally. The internet is full of information about how it is invented. Let’s understand the fuss about this term.

What is Clock SPIDER?

Clock spider sounds weird right! Behind every clock there is a creepy animal with long legs busy weaving its web home and enjoys his meal eating animals that are trapped in the web. The hint is very clear and tells about one of our family members living with us throughout its lifespan, making webs in every corner of the house. The 8 long legged creepy animal has occupied all the corners of our homes with big messy cobweb. It suddenly started getting attention when a person found a huge spider and shared a picture on the web. Even, there are movies made on huge spider eating human. Clock spider is one such story.

It also found its way to tech and clock industry. The inventors have come up with a unique idea of transforming the normal boring wall clocks into the shape of a spider and providing clock features to the same. The creation is a tribute to the shy creature who  lives and stays with us forever. The clock spider is a very unique idea which can be connected to our regular lifestyle and gives us a realization of the existence of a spooky animal ‘The Spider’.

Relation between the Spider and Clock !

The spider clock is the current and cool trend that has given a new look to the old way of viewing a  clock. The spider is known as an animal with high level of creativity, skilled weaving of intricate webs and patience in awaiting its prey. In the same way, the clock spider comes up with a message of creativity, patience and adaptation. Creativity is seen in the beauty of their cobwebs and adaptation is viewed in their behavior of adjusting itself to the environment.

MB&F Mechanical CLOCK Spider

Assuming this to be the reason, Renowned Swiss clockmaker L’Epee engineered its inner working for MB&F’s 10th anniversary in the year 1839. The idea of the a clock spider was inspired by famous artist  Louis Bourgeois and spider sculpture Maman.The limited edition of Arachnophobia is the latest performance art timepiece created by luxury clockwork manufacturer MB&F.

A glimpse into the mechanical CLOCK Spider

The mechanical clock is about 16 inches across the legs and is fully flat. The clock made by MB&F consists of 218 components. It is dome shaped with the head that allows intricate mechanical movements.the key to wind the clock is underneath thus disabling any unnecessary interactions with the key of the clock spider. The clock is equipped with an incabloc shock protection system which may help in balancing on walls. The spider clock stands 8 inches tall and gives an altogether different look to place.

It is an exquisite art of work and is available in the market. The clock is obtained in black colour in the shape of a spider and 18K gold plated brass. The clock spider is a creative piece of art and designed for creative people. The clock spider is an excellent artwork designed excellently which gives a rich funky look to the place.

Conclusion : CLOCK Spider

The clock spider will cure the phobia of spiders of so many people who  would be so much afraid to even have a look at the clock. People will start screaming even after listening to the new creation of clock spider. The genre of looking at the clock has been changed as people are putting behind their phobias and opting for the newly manufacture clock spider. I fear in the coming times, we don’t come across things like Lizard shaped alarm clock so that as soon as  the alarm rings, the look of the alarm clock would wake us up scaring..! Nothing can be said.

These things are manufactured so that we become fearless in our lives. These weird creatures are not at all dangerous but the sight of it makes us feel Eeewwwww…! Go away you creep..! This is a normal thought process of every girl especially. These clocks are designed beautifully and differently so that the person gets adapted to it and the fear makes you wake up. The site covers many interesting tidbits about the spiders. You can take a look at some of the most dangerous spiders to most venomous spider here. Some of the endangered species are also mentioned. Spider enthusiast will definitely this information helpful.

The latest discovery of a 9-year Kystal James named as ‘Licker Spider Alarm Clock’ which works as an alarm clock. You need to set your waking up time, if you don’t wake up at the desired time, the ‘Licker Spider Alarm clock’ hanging over up will come closer to you and lick you. This gives you a scary start of the day and I believe is the best thing to wake you up. This is the best gadget for all the lazy people and a boon to all parents. Imagine a cockroach doing this..?

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